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Detox Debunked: Is Detoxing Real? No.

Is detoxing real? No. Not at all. If that’s all you needed to know, you’re fine to visit the rest of the site or (heaven forbid) leave. But allow me to explain more about why detoxing is totally bogus.

When I worked as a martial arts instructor, I heard all kinds of stuff from my students. The younger crowd tended to focus on Fortnite and memes, but the older folks liked to talk about their health more than anything else.

As we grow older, the tendency to shift focus from outward distractions to inward speculation is the natural course, so that much isn’t a surprise. What is a surprise is how many of these adults have no idea what they’re doing when they begin that journey of self-reflection, especially in regards to their health. When I started teaching a kickboxing class, this became much more readily apparent, and I started to notice a trend. Especially in women.

Women are often the target of fictitious diets and various pseudo-science methods to return their bodies to “normal” after life events such as a pregnancy, a job change, a move, or some other form of stress. Men can just as easily fall into this trap, but the advice out there for men trends toward supplements and workout advice from said supplement shills.

So, is Detoxing Real?

is detoxing real detox debunked

The most prevalent thing I saw women doing was the “Detox” or “Cleanse.” These words are meant to evoke thoughts of drawing toxins (?) from the body through various fluids, foods, or strange cult-like rituals involving candle wax and feet.

Side Note: I tried to find a source for the foot detox, but it appears that it has evolved beyond a weird housewife gossip thing to a full-blown industry complete with a machine I refuse to advertise. Look it up for a laugh.

The only thing most of these things are doing is one: exploiting our lizard brains for profit, and two: making you sick. The body already has a natural filtration system, it’s called “the liver.” It’s a radical device that exists in the upper right-hand portion of the abdominal cavity, beneath the diaphragm, and on top of the stomach, right kidney, and intestines. Most people are born with one free of charge, and it’s one of the most resilient organs in the human body. 

The liver’s job is to filter your blood. As you consume food, alcohol, supplements, or pharmaceuticals, these are digested and broken down into smaller and smaller parts that are absorbed into your bloodstream. This nutrient/toxin-laden blood passes through the liver where it’s filtered before passing through the intestines or the kidneys. You can guess what happens next.

Bottom Line: There’s no such thing as a detox or a cleanse.

No one would ever do that, you say? I have at least two students that did, and they sucked in class for like a week because they were so sick. I told them to knock it off once I learned about it, and the response was something like, “Oh, no, if you get sick it’s working.”

What!? No! It means your body is telling you to STOP. Players, do NOT get into these things. There’s a difference between pampering your feet with some scented paraffin wax, and attempting to turn drinking lemonade into a diet (yes, that’s a thing…)

Use your best judgement, and if you don’t know if something is legit or not, check around for some medical journals, or published articles from legitimate health and fitness sites. All of them will tell you cleanses and detoxes are malarkey. If they don’t, they’re not a legitimate source. Use your head, and stay safe.

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